Fostering A Movement of Volunteers in CSR Outreach:

Principle 1: Think Globally Act locally

For the betterment of marginalized people, we mobilize Volunteers for change and community development. Mobilizing Volunteers in is a Top Down strategy which promotes Bottom Up development practice.

Principle 2: Work with Partners

We work with others to maximize the impact of our programs, building alliances and partnerships with those who are aligned to our work.

Principle 3: Development through Volunteering

Development is about holistic progress of human. We work with the principle of development through Volunteering. We believe that development will be sustainable if large numbers of local people get involved in developmental works as a volunteer.

Principle 4: Equality

Equality is our another principle. We never discriminate on the basis of sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, age, physical ability, caste, opinion or sexual orientation in our independent Volunteer program or dependent program.

Principle 5: Promote volunteerism

Volunteering helps to achieve our goals of community change. We suggest to all to do something for the betterment of marginalized people through volunteering.

Principle 6: Sustainability of Development

Our efforts for Development and Empowerment are not just for short period but would ensure sustainability for all our activities and growth of the organization.

Principle 7: Putting the last first

We always work for marginalized or disadvantaged children whoever they are.