Planned projects that require funding including monetary and in kind support
We require sponsorship to help us in managing the activities at Roshini Home:
Our long term plan is to acquire at least 1 acre of land, where we plan to build:
  • a dormitory with an increased capacity
  • a school for the children of our Home and also children of the neighbourhood
  • a dispensary  to deliver health care to people in the vicinity
  • have a small organic garden to grow our requirements of fresh vegetables and flowers
  • playground for children
  • yoga center
  • bridge school for children of construction workers
  • a bridge school for children of gypsies or nari kuravas at their place of stay
Major achievement of NGO including current / ongoing projects
  • The Jeevan Roshini Charitable Trust has established Roshini Home with the present capacity limited to 40 children & 2 destitute women.
  • The children come from broken families and school drop outs.
  • Temporary abode for women in marital discord
  • The Home also offers short stay assistance and counseling for women who are destitute and victims of marital and family discord
  • In several cases their spouses have also been counseled and several marriages have been saved in the process.
  • We encourage such women and their children to return to normal family life.
  • At Roshini Home all school going children are enrolled in the Panchayat Primary school and in the Government Higher Secondary School in the vicinity.
  • Thus we are complementing the Government’s efforts under the Sarva Shikshya Abhiyan and ensuring that the incidence of drop outs is controlled.
  • Roshini free Study Center for poor children in the vicinity.
  • Roshini free basic computer classes on weekends
  • Children who have completer 10 + 2 years of schooling are sent to college based on their marks and aptitude for higher learning.
  • We had 2 boys who have completed their college
    • B.Com
    • B.Sc. Math
  • We have so far 12 stundents completing their 10th Std, 5 Students completing their 12 std and 2 students completing their college from our trust.
  • Plans are underway to provide vocational or on the job skills for the others
  • The Home offers free accommodation, food and clothes
  • Roshini Home provides children with a home that gives them shelter and love.
  • All the residents are provided with wholesome food, clothes, books, stationery, toiletries etc.
  • The children are given counselling in order that they grow into responsible youth who can face the challenges of life with dignity and fortitude. 
  • All residents are given medical care as and when necessary and a Preventive Health Check is done once a year.
  • We have also started another center in Tiruvannamalai district, Naidumangalam village.

So many seemingly trivial interactions between two people present us with a choice: Do we pass along a little spark of love and humanity or do we pass up that opportunity, leaving it and making the world a little colder in the process? A wise man once said "every society is judged by how it treats it's least fortunate amongst them".
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