A Home For Children

Roshini is ‘light’. Light shows us things as they are in their true colours, shape and size. If there were no light, we cannot see and therefore we would not be able to enjoy all the things that are bright and beautiful.

Children also light up our lives. They deserve our love and affection. Most children have loving parents and families that attend to all their needs and take good care of them. But there are many unfortunate children who do not have such good fortune and suffer silently for no fault of theirs. It is for such children that ‘Roshini’ has been established. We have started this home for children in a very small way and plan to grow over the years.

Presently we care for 41 children who are first generation learners and 3 destitute women, all of whom are from broken families. Roshini Home provides shelter, food, clothing, medical care, education and guidance to all those who reside in our premises. Above all, we give them love and make them feel wanted. We personally share and care for them with a homely atmosphere. We also endeavour to nurture the children with love, a good value system and discipline.

We are of the firm belief that education is a change agent which can make the lives of the less fortunate children of our society better and we derive joy in being the channels of such change. When we see the smile on the face of a child, we consider it our reward for the challenges we encounter in raising resources to manage our activities.