About Us

To provide an enabling environment for nurturing children of the less fortunate sections of our society and destitute women to lead a life with dignity and responsibility.

Who we are?
Jeevan Roshini is a secular and charitable trust founded on August 22,2001 wih the objective of providing comfort and support for the less fortunate people, who have no one to care for them. Roshini is ‘light’. Light shows us things as they are in their true colours, shape and size. If there were no light, we cannot see and therefore we would not be able to enjoy all the things that are bright and beautiful.
Our Work

'Roshini' is a children home run by the JRC trust, which provides a home, food, clothing, medical care educaion and guidance to all those who reside in our home.

Above all, we give them love and make them feel wanted. We personally share and care for them wih a homely atmosphere. We also endeavour to nurture the children with a good value system and discipline.

Our Need

We desire to win your heart to help the children in our care and to encourage us to continue our service, by donating either in cash or kind and by volunteering to spend time with the children.

We seek your assitance to share happy movements by providing meals, snacks or other facilities of your choice to our children.
Our immediate need is a dormitory of our own with basic facilities to house 50 children.

With Motherly Care and Comfort

In the eyes of God, all are one. With the blessings of God and you, we are sure to grow and to bring up every resident in this home to light and glow in the universe - to make it bright.